6/4 // My Bad Wager & How I Plan To Win It

I’ve made some silly drunk bets in my lifetime, but this one takes the cake.

About 2 weeks ago I made a bet with a friend of mine, who touts the virtues of eating an abundance of whole grains, wheat, and starches for cardiovascular and overall health. Everything we’ve been taught since we were kids.

We got into a bit of a debate in regards to some of the ideas that I have and will continue to explore on this blog in regards to how damaging complex carbohydrates are not only for humans but for the environment. Needless to say, in the end we disagreed.

In a drunken moment of uber-confidence I proclaimed that I could have visible six-pack abs within 3 weeks with no exercise other than running and stretching following a diet of mostly healthy sustainable fats, vegetables, and animal protein. We agreed upon terms and the wager was set.

I tried doing it with simply the diet, and some nifty isometric movements that Tim Ferriss documents in his New York Time’s best-seller The Four Hour Body, alas I made progress yet it seemed I was failing (probably because I continued to drink in excess and had far too many refeed days in the first two weeks). What to do now? Here I am two weeks deep with no six-pack and no real chance of achieving my goal and shutting up my uninformed loud-mouth friend.

Enter the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol.

I knew this could be used as a tool if I needed it toward the end of my alotted time period (which ends this Sunday the 9th).

The Rapid Fat Loss Protocol is an idea authored by Dave Asprey, the very same person who researched and invented the enhanced cyclical ketogenic diet that I follow.

I won’t give you with the particulars of the diet in this post, but I will say that this protocol is dangerous and Dave is very clear about that in his writing. This is done with a number of (some very expensive) supplements that keep you from damaging your organs. When you oxidize (burn) fat, the toxins that are stored in that fat are released into the body and can cause serious damage, even organ failure or death. This is why you are told that losing weight very quickly is not good for you — it’s not.

So as fair warning, if anyone wants to try this, make sure you follow the protocol to the T to ensure your safety.

Regardless — Here I am in the midst of day one of this little self-experiment.

Here is what my days will look like for the next week (I’ll probably go two even if I lose my wager if no other reason than because I bought all the supplements.)


1tsp Himalayan Pink Salt dissolved in water (Supports adrenal function)
1tsp Lipoceutical Glutathione (main detoxifying compound in the liver)

500mL Bulletproof Coffee (Mycotoxin / Histamine free coffee brewed in a French Press and blended with 4tbsp of grass-fed butter, two tbsp MCT oil)

**This may seem weird, and i’ll get into why BP coffee is so nutritious and so cognitively beneficial in another post. If you absolutely want to know now go here.**

10,000IU Vitamin D3
1 capsule – Krill oil
5g Branched Chain Amino Acids
2000mcg Vitamin K2
1g Vitamin C

700-1000mg activated carbon (Binds to toxins and assists in escorting them out)

20g L-Glutamine (Should assist with any fatigue — Feel like it did today)

250mL Bulletproof Coffee (I’m going for decaf to avoid consuming caffeine too late.)

5g Branched Chain Amino Acids

700-1000mg activated carbon (More toxins to bind and expel. Dope)

1-4tbsp grass-fed butter to subside any hunger

200mg potassium
500mg magnesium (these should improve sleep quality)


Fun part.

Every Sunday I will administer a refeed day.

Contrary to all the advice I’ve been given and will give you, this day will be a carbohydrate overload. Leptin (the hormone that triggers hunger) needs to be reset, and this requires carbohydrates, so on this day it will become my job to consume as much rice / potatoes / grass-fed beef / wild fish, etc. that I am able to consume. Also, mucus requires carbohydrates for synthesis, so the refeed day is of tremendous importance or damage to the lining of the stomach can occur.

That’s it.

According to what i’ve read and people’s testimonials I will probably feel like shit today and tomorrow, possibly into Thursday, but following that I should find I have amazing energy and I should not miss eating.

So far today, I feel fine, but I’m used to fasting until about 1PM, and it’s only 145. No hunger yet, but I just had my flavorless L-Glutamine and some salt water (yipee!).

I’ll report back as this little experiment progresses, and i’ll post photos at the conclusion.

According to the science, this should effectively get me close. If Tim Ferriss’ advice was accurate, my six pack is under there just waiting to be revealed when I start oxidizing some fat and arrive at 10% subcutaneous body fat.

I’m gonna eat the biggest grain-fed cheeseburger I can find when this is all over, I swear. 

Stay hungry, y’all.

– Fake sad Pete


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